Red Sea Global Director to speak at Security Middle East Conference

Red Sea Global Director to speak at Security Middle East Conference

We’re delighted to announce that Mr Tawfeeq Alsadoon, Executive Director at Red Sea Global, will be one of our speakers at next year’s inaugural Security Middle East Conference.

Mr Alsadoon will be joining our audience of high-level security professionals in Saudi Arabia on May 9th to share his thoughts, experience, opinions and ideas for securing the country’s future at the forefront of development, best practice and innovation.

Red Sea Global is a multi-project developer who is seeking to lead the world towards a more sustainable future. It is also playing a key role in transforming Saudi Arabia as part of its Vision 2030 ambition to diversify its economy.

As Executive Director, Mr Alsadoon is helping to create exciting opportunities for young Saudi talent with ambitious developments across multiple sectors. Previously Mr Alsadoon held the role of Director at Saudi Chemical Company, and was also Director General for Economic Cities and Special Zones Authority, where he lead the security and safety teams.

Mr Alsadoon will be one of our speakers who will be sharing best practice examples, discussing innovation within security enterprise, exploring the challenges being faced by the industry and debating the future market trends as the region continues its rapid development.