Qualys launch new Cloud Platform in Saudi Arabia

Qualys launch new Cloud Platform in Saudi Arabia

Qualys, a leading provider of cloud-based IT, security, and compliance solutions, today launched Qualys Cloud Platform (CP) in Saudi Arabia to help organizations across the Kingdom to localize their cybersecurity and comply with an array of regulatory requirements, including those related to data residency.

“Saudi Arabia’s public and private sectors are transforming rapidly to align with the principles set out in Vision 2030, but recent expansions in the attack surface, brought about by cloud migration and remote work, make these innovators prime targets for threat actors.

Entities like NCA [National Cybersecurity Authority] and SAMA [Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority, the Kingdom’s central bank] are implementing cybersecurity regulations that protect citizens and residents, such as mandating the hosting of data in-country. The Saudi Qualys Cloud Platform is the ideal solution for companies and government entities looking for flexible visibility and control while ensuring they remain compliant with these new regulations,”, said Hadi Jaafarawi, Managing Director, Middle East, at Qualys.

Recent regulatory additions have concentrated on vulnerability, patch management and data residency.

These regulations were the driving force in Qualys’ decision to launch its cloud offering in the country. The service offers vendor consolidation and out-of-the-box local compliance while empowering security teams with a scalable solution that offers comprehensive visibility across global IT, OT, cloud, mobile and SaaS setups through a single interface.

Qualys has already launched and is set to further protect cybersecurity sectors as they push forward toward the Saudi Vision 2030 Initiative.