Qatar National Bank recognised for ATM use of contactless Iris ID biometrics

Qatar National Bank recognised for ATM use of contactless Iris ID biometrics

 Asian Banker magazine recently selected Qatar National Bank for having the “Best Biometrics Initiative, Application or Program in Qatar” for its use of iris recognition systems from Iris ID in some QNB branch ATMs. The bank is the largest financial institution in the Middle East and Africa, with branches, subsidiaries and associate companies in 31 countries on three continents.

 The deployment of QNB’s Biometric Eyes (IRIS) Scan ATM program, a first of its type in Qatar, is part of the bank’s commitment to innovative solutions to deliver premium services to customers in a safe, fast and convenient way. Mohammed Murad, vice president, global sales and business development, Iris ID, congratulated QNB on the award.

 “QNB should be applauded for staking out a futuristic, leadership position when it comes to improving the security, convenience and safety of its customers as they access their accounts via bank ATMs” he said. “The ease and speed of our contactless iris-based recognition system makes it ideal for use in the financial industry. Our contactless systems have taken on added importance with the worldwide spread of the COVID-19 virus.”

 The bank launched its use of the Iris ID biometric solution in ATMs in late 2016. The system enables QNB customers to access their accounts at ATMs without the need of a bank card or PIN.

 To use the Iris ID solution the bank’s customers, participate in a one-time registration at a QNB branch office. The two-minute process involves taking a digital photo of the iris, which is converted into a small template stored in a secure database. At the ATM, customers need only a second to look into a built-in reader and have their iris pattern confirmed.

  In addition to the QNB deployment, Iris ID authentication systems are currently used worldwide for access control, time and attendance, national ID programs, border crossings, voter registration and many other applications. Visit the Iris ID website for more information on the company’s solutions.

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