Qatar cybersecurity agency to launch data classification policy

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Qatar cybersecurity agency to launch data classification policy

The Qatar National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA) is to launch the National Data Classification Policy which will look to establish a unified scheme and help organisations understand the basic principles of data classification.

The policy will serve as the foundation for data governance in the country’s organisations and government offices.

By establishing a unified scheme for data classification, the agency would like to facilitate the exchange of information, to standardise definitions of data classifications and ultimately to create a unified concept and methodology between institutions and agencies in the country.

The launch is all part of the agency’s efforts to increase cybersecurity measures in Qatar.

The new policy will deliver a unified reference for classifying data, according to the risks involved – these will be categorised as high, medium or low. In addition, it will provide tags to support the processing and sharing of data, as well as define a set of controls that need to be used in order to protect data.