PERCo’s new full height roto turnstiles

PERCo’s new full height roto turnstiles

No matter the evolution of AI, or cybersecurity, there will always be a need for physical access control. To this end, PERCo has presented new full-height rotor turnstiles.

The primary function of these rotor turnstiles is simply controlling who can access a building, and at what pace it can be accessed. Slowing down a crowd during a peak hour, and keeping security in control of traffic flow-through.

However, PERCo’s turnstiles have several secondary uses – such as ensuring safety in emergencies and catering to individuals with reduced mobility.

The item is advertised as being suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues, resistant to corrosion which can usually ruin the aesthetic of a turnstile and even lead to them being dangerous in the long run.

Discussing the usage of the turnstile, PERCo states in their press release:

“Over 70 RTD-15 Full Height Turnstiles have been successfully implemented in various high-profile sites, including Jebel Ali Port in the UAE, the Ministry of Economy and Finance in Burkina Faso, Panthéon-Assas University in France, the Vincenzo Presti Stadium in Italy, and the ZF Friedrichshafen AG factory in Serbia. These installations are a testament to their quality and the trust that numerous organizations place in them to secure their premises.”

Find out more about the turnstiles on PERCo’s website: