PERCo access control at Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development

PERCo access control at Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development

With an incredibly large number of individuals coming and going from the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development at all times throughout the day, PERco equipment has been installed to ensure the highest quality of access control.

PERCo’s reliable access control equipment manages fast passages to enable individuals to avoid queues, comfortable access for those with reduced mobility, the capturing of visitor identifiers as well as compliance with interior design and customization options, through the use of a variety of high quality installations.

These installations include that of Six ST-01 Speed Gates, which are high speed, touch-free comfortable access to the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) offices.
High throughput of 60 persons per minute ensures there are no queues to get into the building, with sensors ensuring safety and emergency-response panels which open in case of an emergency.

Two additional swing gates have been installed, which have extended opening panels of 900mm, allowing for individuals with reduced mobility to easily access the ADDED offices.

PERCo have also installed a number of card readers that obtain visitor identifiers at the reception desk. Two IC05 Card capture readers have been installed to provide easy capturing of temporary proximity cards, such cards can be used with clips which allows the proximity cards to be used as identifying badges.

All of the installations have been designed in a modern and elegant style, with polished stainless steel and glass accents, to maintain the fine aesthetic of the ADDED offices. This, and more high quality installations are regularly handled by PERCo, which is especially important as access control becomes more and more relevant to the security marketplace.

A larger range of PERCo’s products was displayed at Instersec 2023.