Paxton’s new Electronic Centre


Paxton’s new Electronic Centre

Paxton has unveiled a brand-new manufacturing facility named the Paxton Electronics Centre. The state-of-the-art facility is the next step in the security technology developer’s vision for their UK technology park in Brighton, East Sussex. It speaks to the country’s continued global expansion.

This modern campus is where Paxton products and systems start their development journey and route to international markets.

Adam Stroud, Paxton’s longstanding CEO, explains: “We are extremely proud of the Paxton Electronics Centre. It is a world-class manufacturing facility that will support the needs of our customers and planned rapid growth for a decade or more.”

History of the company

Paxton is a British technology manufacturer that began in a small factory in Sussex in 1985 when local businessman Tony Brotherton-Ratcliffe invented a single-door keypad reader called the TOUCHLOCK. This put Paxton at the forefront of the electronic access control evolution, which the company continues to innovate around smart devices and video technology.

Paxton has a reputation for their vibrant culture and working environment. They scored high on the Best Companies survey in the first quarter of 2023, with their employees voting them 22nd overall to work for in the UK. They are also currently named 2nd in the manufacturing sector.

The aesthetics of the Paxton Electronics Centre are a testament to this. It has been designed with employee collaboration and their personal well-being in mind. There are ergonomic rest areas, collaboration spaces, a gym, and an impressive rear sun deck that has views out to the sea in line with Brighton’s i360 viewing platform.

“Additionally, we have set aside part of the facility with a long-term vision for an investigation into new efficient, sustainable and innovative manufacturing techniques,” concludes Stroud.