OTORIO simplifies OT Security with Advanced Attack Graph Analysis Technology

OTORIO simplifies OT Security with Advanced Attack Graph Analysis Technology

OTORIO, the leading provider of operational technology (OT) cyber and digital risk management solutions, today announced a significant advancement in OT security with the availability of its Advanced Attack Graph Analysis technology.

By leveraging the capabilities of the powerful cyber digital twin model, organizations can now gain dynamic visual network topology and advanced risk assessment, enabling the proactive management of vulnerabilities in their OT infrastructure.

Even organizations with skilled OT security personnel face challenges when protecting operational environments due to their complexities and the shortcomings of existing OT security solutions.

OTORIO’s Cyber Digital Twin and Attack Graph Analysis overcome these challenges. The CDT consists of an automated, secure, and logical representation of the operational network, its entities, and their interrelationships. It acts as a sandboxed model of the operational environment, enabling safe breach and attack simulations (BAS) as well as data-driven impact analysis.

Once the relationships between the entities have been established, the CDT algorithm generates an Attack Graph: a visualization of all network assets, vulnerabilities, and connections that show segmentation gaps and potential attack vectors targeting critical assets and processes.

Attack Graph Analysis empowers organizations to prioritize their security efforts by providing actionable insights into the most critical vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors. By identifying and visualizing the high-risk areas within their OT infrastructure, businesses can allocate resources more efficiently and stay ahead of emerging threats.

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