OREP empowers Middle East Presence


OREP empowers Middle East Presence

OREP, the leader in perimeter protection and access control technology in France has committed to strengthening its Middle East Presence.

The company aims to build its presence, OREP’s mission is to support the market actors in the realization of greater perimeter protection projects on the global stage.

OREP has operated in a number of fields since beginning operations in 1972, operating within the Petrochemical sectors, Oil & Gas Industries, Power plants, Airports and travel, Military industries, research centres, industrial centres, border control industries and more.

In line with its desire to expand across the Middle East, OREP is proud to announce its new partnership with Security Middle East Magazine.

This partnership stands as a great opportunity to strengthen OREP’s presence in the Middle East and emphasize our willingness to partner with key actors of the GCC countries to provide our expertise with PIDS.

From design studies to overall project management, through the manufacture and supply of materials and solutions, OREP aims to become a key player with perimeter security systems in the company’s home country of France, the Middle East and around the world.

Security Middle East looks forward to helping OREP’s rise through innovative perimeter control solutions in the modern marketplace.