Omdia: Cybersecurity Survey

Omdia: Cybersecurity Survey

In our most recent Cybersecurity Decision Maker survey, we asked more than 600 organizations about the security issues that they have faced in the last 12 months. Over two-thirds of survey respondents declared they had experienced issues ranging from numerous ‘limited security issues’ to multiple ‘severe security issues.’

Cybersecurity is not a “one and done,” and over the past decade, digital innovation has moved at lightning speed, so this result comes as no surprise as organizations struggle to deliver continuous security protection.

The most challenging issue facing the security function is the staffing and skills shortage in cybersecurity, identified by 54% of survey respondents as an area of concern.

If organizations do not have sufficient people with the right skills in place, then it is difficult to follow best cybersecurity practices, and challenges will arise that will impact those trying to protect the business from security incidents and breaches. There is an increasing acceptance amongst organizations that they will suffer a security incident, or even a breach, at some point. However, these same organizations also know that they must be better prepared for the inevitable, both in prevention and detection and response.

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