New shallow foundation bollards offer quick perimeter solution against vehicle borne attacks

New shallow foundation bollards offer quick perimeter solution against vehicle borne attacks

Marshalls Landscape Protection has launched a new 100mm shallow foundation bollard that will significantly reduce the disruption security professionals face when installing protection against vehicle-borne terror attacks in town and city centres.

The product, which has been crash-tested to the International Workshop Agreement (IWA) 14 specifications – the latest accreditation for products used to assist in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation – requires much less excavation than traditional bollard foundations.

This will enable protection to be installed in urban areas above existing telecoms and utilities infrastructure, avoiding the requirement for major excavation works which often result in road closures. The shallower foundation will also minimise the level of waste during an installation project.

The new bollard, which can stop a 7.2 tonne lorry travelling at 40mph, has been designed to absorb energy on impact, reducing the load seen by the foundation.

The Super Shallow Foundation joins a product line which consists of specially designed street furniture, crash-tested to Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 68/69, PAS 170 and IWA 14.1/14.2 standards. The range, which includes planters, seating, cycle racks and bollards, are used to create safe, attractive spaces that protect the public, while integrating seamlessly into the surrounding environment. 

Jaz Vilkhu, managing director of Marshalls Landscape Protection, commented: “Protecting the busy streets of our towns and cities from the threat of vehicle-borne attacks and accidents has become a key priority for security professionals across the UK, and access to products with shallow foundations will be vital in helping them provide the protection people need.

“Crash-tested to the IWA 14 standards, this new measure will enable towns and cities to install protection much more easily, avoiding the disruption and additional costs associated with major excavation works.”

The business, which is part of the Marshalls Group, works with the public sector and businesses to manufacture and recommend street furniture products with the appropriate safety ratings.