Nedap and STid join forces for access control

Nedap and STid join forces for access control

STid, leading developer of high security contactless identification and Nedap, market leader in access control solutions, have joined forces in the access control market.

The partnership primarily focuses on integrating STid’s high security expertise into the Nedap AEOS offering. This close collaboration makes STid a Nedap Technological Partner.

Nedap is the global leader in physical access control solutions that contribute to the freedom of movement in everyday life, by protecting people, information, property and products. STid is an internationally recognised company based in France and one of the leading developers of wireless identification solutions using RFID, NFC and Bluetooth® technology.

The main focus of the partnership between the two companies is the integration of STid’s high security solutions into Nedap’s AEOS platform.

STid joins the Nedap Technology Partner Program with its high secure solutions. These solutions provide Nedap’s AEOS customers with:

  • More security with credential and readers
  • Cost effectiveness with an optimised infrastructure.
  • More options for security with 1, 2 or 3 factor identifications solutions like Biometric

    access via template-on-card

  • An improved customer experience with the use of the smartphone as a high secure

    credential (STid Mobile virtual cards)

    “Our workshops did enable us to test the integration of Architect readers, also with biometric options and Stid Mobile Virtual cards. Mutually we can easily say, STid and Nedap hardwareare a perfect match.” explains Wesley Keegstra, Integration Manager in Nedap.