MS Exchange attacks increase

MS Exchange attacks increase

Attacks on MS Exchange grew collectively by 170% during August – with Oman seeing a 78% increase in the same time period.

Overall the figure jumped from 7,342 users being targeted by vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Services that were blocked by Kaspersky products, to 19,839.

The experts at Kaspersky say that the shocking growth in attaches is due to the high number of attacks that aim to exploit previously disclosed vulnerabilities. The potential for attack is often higher because although the public are made aware of any vulnerabilities inside the Microsoft Exchange Server, not all users patch their software immediately, leaving them open to malicious activity.

Earlier this year Microsoft patched a series of the ProxyShell vulnerabilities. Yet despite this in the last week of August over 1,700 Kaspersky users were attacked using ProxyShell exploits every day.

In an advisory released by Microsoft in August, the company explained that an Exchange server will be vulnerable unless it is running a Cumulative Update with at least the May Security Update.