Data Centers: The backbone of the digital economy

Data Centers: The backbone of the digital economy

Unique technologies such as thermal cameras and artificial intelligence are game-changers in the fast-moving internet security economy – helping to secure the backbone of the digital economy, Data Centers.

Thermal Cameras and Temperature Vulnerabilities

Thermal cameras use infrared radiation to capture images, even in complete darkness or adverse weather conditions. Many hacking attempts in larger businesses, can cause surges in power within server rooms.

Thermal cameras, which are tracking data centres throughout the day, can detect hacking even when there is no one around, by monitoring temperature spikes as a result of power surges.

These power surges can be a result of overworked routers, or server partitions. The heat in places like data centres can be a key indicator of digital attacks taking place.

Since the incorporation of thermal cameras into data centres, businesses and government agencies which utilize them have reported a significant reduction in security incidents.

Artificial Intelligence

A hot-button topic discussed heavily in Security Middle East, Artificial Intelligence has the capability to learn from attacks. The technology is being incorporated into Data Centers across the MENA region.

Whenever a Data Center is hacked, Artificial Intelligence can be used to understand which vulnerabilities were exploited. These same vulnerabilities are patched to ensure systems can keep running optimally in the future. The same type of attack can never happen twice.

AI in Data Centers will continue to evolve, able to match the pace of malware.