Microsoft believe AI to accelerate UAE digital economy

Microsoft believe AI to accelerate UAE digital economy

Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft has determined AI will play a big role in revitalizing and pushing forward the United Arab Emirates digital economy.

In a time of digital transformation for the Middle East, AI will be a critical part of the evolution of the region. In Dubai, on Thursday 2nd November, Satya Nadella stated:

“This new age of AI will drive innovation and has the potential to expand opportunity and growth around the world – including in the UAE,

It’s inspiring to see so many developers and businesses in the Emirates already applying AI to address business and societal challenges.”

Nadella went on to announce Azure OpenAI Service from Microsoft’s UAE cloud data centres.

The service provides access to a suite of powerful generative AI tools, such as Chat GPT-4, Codex, and DALL-E 2, which can develop virtual assistants, coding layouts, image editing tools and more.

Nadella also highlighted a number of UAE businesses which had made a notable impact on the world economy through its digital presence, such as the UAE Minister of Education partnering with ASI to develop an AI Tutor programme, and the Department of Health using AI to create a unified, digital platform to guide patients through their experiences.

As the UAE continues to expand its digital presence, the region is set to overtake competitors in the ‘AI race’.