Magnet Forensics launches Magnet One

Magnet Forensics launches Magnet One

Magnet Forensics announced the launch of Magnet One, an innovative end-to-end digital forensics platform that empowers public safety agencies to redefine digital investigations and seek justice faster.

With the increasing influx of digital evidence in investigations, Magnet One aims to revolutionise the traditional approach to digital investigations by seamlessly integrating technology, people, and processes. 

The platform enables police leadership and all stakeholders involved in investigations to effectively manage endless amounts of digital evidence, accelerating case resolution, and ensuring the safety of communities while keeping pace with evolving challenges.

While products across the industry offer point solutions that improve elements of the case workflow, agencies are still left with the complex challenges created by widescale investigations. 

Magnet One is the only digital forensics platform that will unite all digital forensics solutions across an entire workflow, resulting in more effective and efficient investigations.

Magnet One’s benefits will have a real impact on investigations, including faster case closure, easy and secure collaboration between stakeholders, automation, AI, and machine learning, identification of bottlenecks, reduced time spent jumping between tools, and more. 

“With Magnet One, you’ll get a single hub where you can effortlessly store, manage, and leverage all your digital forensics data from sources like mobile devices, cloud apps, warrant returns, computer & external storage, and more,” said the company in a statement.

Unleash the power of digital intelligence with Magnet One, which provides unmatched access and extraction of data no matter where it is. The platform aggregates data from all sources and presents it in intuitive, purpose-built interfaces tailored to user roles such as Examiner or Investigator. With powerful search and filter capabilities, along with integrated co-pilot assistance, analysing data has never been easier.

Magnet One has been designed for law enforcement, corporate security, and the private sector. Integration with Magnet Axiom Cyber enables remote collection capabilities for endpoints within corporate networks and scalable processing for widescale investigations.

David Miles, President of Magnet Forensics said: “Magnet One is the future of digital forensics. The platform arms you with comprehensive tools working together to unlock access to data, ensuring that you have everything you need to seek justice faster.”

Magnet One has been launched globally and is available for agencies to streamline their digital investigations and drive better outcomes.