LEGIC launches SM-6310 Programmable Security Module

LEGIC launches SM-6310 Programmable Security Module

LEGIC Identsystems has announced the SM-6310, a powerful IoT Edge Processor with embedded ARM® Cortex® Core, RFID, Bluetooth® Low Energy and 128KB of programmable flash memory stored in CC EAL5+ certified Secure Element (SE).

With application code and cryptographic keys stored in SE, the SM-6310 is ideal for compact, low-power, contactless applications requiring secure user and device authentication and credential management (i.e. what an individual prefers or is allowed to do, when and where). It supports applications requiring contactless interaction with machines or infrastructure via smartcard and iOS / Android smartphone apps.

As part of LEGIC’s end-to-end Security Platform, the 8 x 8 mm module is ideal for access control, hospitality, carsharing, public transportation, e-payment, Smart City, and industrial IoT applications. Scalable authentication means users can be verified via their badge or smartphone in addition to PIN code and biometric verification options such as fingerprint and facial recognition.

Flexible wake-up modes make the SM-6310 perfect for battery powered edge devices. The security module can operate both on- and offline, an important requirement for systems that are not connected to the internet such as offline doors or vehicles located in shielded park garages. Firmware update over-the-air is supported. The LEGIC Security Platform also includes smartcard ICs, key management tools and the Trusted Service LEGIC Connect for smartphone-based systems and LEGIC Master-Token System-Control for smartcard-based deployments.

With the LEGIC Security Platform, a wide range of applications leveraging smartphones, smartcards and devices such as fobs, tags and RFID labels can be realized quickly and easily. For details, visit www.legic.com