LEGIC Connect security platform surpasses 7.5 million users

LEGIC Connect security platform surpasses 7.5 million users

Swiss-based LEGIC Identsystems  a leading enabler of contactless security solutions has announced a new milestone in the growth of its end-to-end mobile security platform LEGIC Connect: 7.5 million registered users in 200 countries.

Smartphone-based credentials enable a whole new world of flexible, and personalized services. Unlike RFID cards and tags which have no user interface or biometric capabilities, mobile credentials allow users to more securely interact with infrastructure, machines and rented/shared vehicles based on individual rights, time, location, and personal preferences stored on their mobile device. This capability opens up a new realm of business models based on secure and personalised man-machine interaction.

Additionally, mobile credentials make it possible for smartphones to be used in parallel with, or as a replacement for existing smartcard applications which are already used for a wide range of services such as employee and home access control, time & attendance, secure printing, e-parking, rental and vending. 

Customers needing to integrate secure, automated authentication of end-users into their service can easily develop their application on top of LEGIC Connect. LEGIC Connect is provided as a trusted, cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) which can create and instantly deploy mobile credentials to smartphones anywhere in the world. It is a security enabler for any mobile service requiring flexible, automated, 24/7 operation such as rentals, access control, virtual train ticket, contactless car key etc. 

LEGIC Connect comprises an OWASP-ASVS audited Trusted Service and Mobile SDK plus LEGIC Security Modules which include an integrated, tamper-proof Secure Element (SM-6000, SM-6310). These modules are embedded in infrastructure-devices such as electronic locks or vending machines. Together, these three components establish a cryptographically secure bidirectional channel from backend administration system to smartphone to infrastructure. In addition to credentials, any data needing secure distribution to end devices such as firmware, cryptographic keys and certificates can be transported via LEGIC Connect.