Not the ordinary video Intercom: Klass by Videx


Not the ordinary video Intercom: Klass by Videx

Klass is a new Video Intercom system from Videx, that combines design and practicality – recently, Videx released a press release detailing the features of the product.

“Klass is the new video intercom featuring a sophisticated ultra-slim design and a tempered glass finish that makes it perfect for high-end applications and – most importantly – it supports IPure, the proprietary Videx technology based on standard IP protocols that ensures full integration with third parties.”

Videx targets total integration with third parties through a specialised approach, and its extensive manufacturing experience on high-end door entry systems, whose maximum expression is IPure.

Videx prides Klass and IPure on their ability to work with any home automation system, whether it’s CCTV, anti-intrusion systems, or acting as the supervision panel for all integrated technologies.

Klass can operate with other systems and devices through the free tool IPure Wizard, a user-friendly software which an integrator is guided towards whilst installing Klass into their systems.

Other features include: 

Managing RTSP and HTTP Functions, and perimeters.

A built-in chronothermostat to manage room temperature.

Set temperature and humidity rate.

Klass includes a proximity sensor allowing automatic screen power-on.

All of the above features are configured through the Videx app. However, the company stresses there is no requirement to do so, and the programme can be set up almost immediately.