Iris recognition installed across Sharjahs Co-op stores

Iris recognition installed across Sharjahs Co-op stores

An Iris biometric identity authentication system has been installed for employee time and attendance across all of Sharjah’s Co-Operative Society retail stores.

The IrisAccess iCAM7000, from US company Iris ID Systems, has been be connected to the payroll system at company headquarters and provide accurate employee information across the retailer’s 26 stores in Sharjah.

Sharjah Co-Operative Society previously used a fingerprint time-and-attendance system, but grew dissatisfied with a high false rejection rate. Henna hand tattoos, favoured by many female store employees, proved problematic for the system. Iris ID’s non-contact solution provides highly accurate identification using the iris, the colored part of the eye, to authenticate employees. The system automatically accommodates for employees wearing glasses or contact lenses.

According to Iris ID Systems, following enrollment, employees require about a second to check in or out of work daily. Mohammed Murad, vice president, global sales and business development, for Iris ID, said the iris-based identity authentication system has brought the stores’ employee rejection rate to virtually zero.

“Studies have shown even the smallest error in employee payroll can create significant added operating costs for any organization,” he said. “The Iris ID system also eliminates fraudulent time-reporting practices, including ‘buddy punching’ in which an employee clocks in or out for a friend.”

Murad said recent reductions in both product and deployment costs have made iris-enabled time and attendance a practical investment for organisations of almost any size.


Iris ID Systems, formerly a division of LG Electronics USA known as LG IRIS, has been active in iris recognition research, development and production since 1997 and is now one of the world’s leading deployed iris recognition platforms.