Intersec: Q&A with AMAG Technology

Intersec: Q&A with AMAG Technology

Intersec 2022 has played host to brands from over 120 countries across the safety, security and fire protection industries. One market leader is AMAG Technology who offer pioneering services in physical access control, identity management and integrated security solutions.

We caught up with Mark Williams, Director of Sales EMEA for AMAG Technology as they discuss both their latest innovative products but also their recent takeover.

Williams explained: “So it’s been an exciting time for us. We are with the world’s largest security company and that security company has now become even larger. So we’re part of an $18 billion dollar organisation and eight hundred thousand person workforce.

“But from a day to day perspective, we operate as normal. And we were very excited about being part of the bigger Allied family because technology in the man guarding space is a key differentiator for the allied universal group and for business moving forward.”

Intersec has had brands and businesses from over 120 countries at it’s 2022 Expo in Dubai, and with that comes many new and exciting products. Incorporating mobile technology to support security staff on the ground has been one of the key moves for AMAG, which Williams details. “For our new products, we have our new mobile credentialing products called Symmetry Mobile. That’s unique in that. It allows you to push our virtual credential to a smartphone but also to incorporate covalent return to work forms to check for health status and potentially automatically referred access.”

Prevention and detection prior to a security threat has never been a hotter topic, and one that AMAG have remained one step in front of. “We’ve also got our Symmetry Business Intelligence platform, which is the world’s first use of machine learning automatic or machine learning AI algorithms. We actually detect anomalous behaviour in the access control space. So it’s the first ever analytics for access control. And that allows organisations to be given an early warning of potentially nefarious activity within their organisations. 

“And lastly we have our adaptors. Open platform adaptors for our identity management and security management pieces, which allow the connectivity to third party access control systems. It’s fantastic as it’s always on, plus it’s always great to get these new solutions and show them off at events such as Intersec.”

However, AMAG Technology have also been particularly keen to showcase some of their latest technology including their latest hardware.

AMAG is one of the few in this industry that has developed its own hardware, as well as software,” explains Williams. “So we actually manufacture all our own products in our own factory in the UK, and then export them globally through our network. And additionally there are a number of resellers here in the Middle East. 

“Middle East is a very important market right now, and it’s one of our fastest growing markets.”