Innovative Security Solution Emerges After Gendarmerie Incident: Kapan Solo

Innovative Security Solution Emerges After Gendarmerie Incident: Kapan Solo

In a pivotal security revamp the Gendarmerie’s encounter with inefficient equipment has led to the development of a groundbreaking surveillance device known as Kapan Solo.

In the process of addressing a military mishap, Barış Ünver, CEO of a leading tech firm was approached by a hiring officer from the Gendarmerie to dissect the root causes of the failure in their surveillance system.

The inquiry revealed that the field units had been relying on commercial trail cameras equipped with GSM SIM cards. Designed for recreational use, these cameras were ill-suited for the precision and discretion required for military operations, alongside this, the inquiry found that inundated soldiers were facing a high volume of messages, unable to swiftly identify and react to genuine threats. Additionally, non-customized devices present legitimate privacy risks, further compromising the integrity of military surveillance.

The solution materialized in the form of Kapan Solo an intelligent trail camera tailored specifically for defence and military applications. This advanced device harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to differentiate between humans, animals, objects, and vehicles, dramatically reducing the incidence of false alerts.

Beyond its smart detection capabilities, Kapan Solo boasts satellite connectivity, enabling a centralized command for data management that is both efficient and secure. This innovative system ensures that military personnel can maintain vigilant surveillance over their domains without the drawbacks of their previous, less sophisticated equipment.

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