Infoblox unveils AI-driven SOC Insights

Infoblox unveils AI-driven SOC Insights

Infoblox Inc. unveiled an industry-first, AI-driven security operations solution, SOC Insights.

This solution boosts its DNS Detection and Response solution, BloxOne® Threat Defense.

SOC Insights bolsters security analysts to jump-start investigations and dramatically reduce response time by turning vast amounts of security events, network, ecosystem, and unique DNS intelligence data into a manageable set of immediate, actionable insights at AI speed.

The tool also enables cybersecurity teams to reduce mean-time-to-respond (MTTR) by eliminating wasted time by consolidating individual alerts into unique insights.

Each insight provides easy access to device, event, and attacker infrastructure details and Infoblox unique DNS intelligence data, eliminating the need for SecOps teams to spend time tracking each alert or waiting on NetOps for user and device information for context around threat activity.

Craig Sanderson, Vice President, Security and Product Management, at Infoblox, said: “SOC Insights is a game-changer for SecOps, allowing them to focus on what really matters, especially when they’re up against limited budget and resources.

“At Infoblox, we envision a future where AI-driven analytics and DNS driven intelligence dramatically elevate SecOps efficiency, with SOC Insights setting the industry standard.”

Will Townsend, VP & Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy added: “DNS is poised to help organizations improve security posture and take a proactive approach to preventing breaches, as well as faster time to remediation of ones that do occur. Bad actors are becoming more sophisticated in attacks, leveraging AI to their advantage. SOC Insights has the potential to allow defenders to stay one step ahead of attackers without any guesswork.

“By applying AI to vast amounts of DNS and network data, Infoblox is able to provide security teams with proactive threat disruption, insightful analytics, and intelligent ecosystem integrations.”

With SOC Insights, Managed Security Service Providers can help their customers improve their security posture, optimize their security investments, and streamline their operations.

IT channel partners can also unlock new opportunities to sell or uplift other solutions in the Infoblox Security Ecosystem.

Mohammed Al-Moneer, Senior Regional Director, META at Infoblox explained: “In a world that never stops, Infoblox unites networking and security, empowering customers to deliver better performance and protection and ensure their businesses thrive. Infoblox’s new SOC Insights is a very attractive proposition for SecOps teams of organizations in the Middle East that are having to deal with an increasing number of highly sophisticated and evolving cyber threats on a daily basis. SOC Insights augments BloxOne Threat Defense’s ability to stop threats before they occur, providing faster investigation and response times and maximizing existing security ecosystem investments. Those advantages will resonate very strongly in the region. We look forward to getting in front of customers and partners and discussing this industry-first innovation among others at upcoming industry events like LEAP in Saudi Arabia and GITEX in Dubai later this year.

“Infoblox’s SOC Insights represents a shift in how security operations centers can leverage AI to transform overwhelming volumes of data into precise, actionable intelligence,” said Steven Dickens, VP and Practice Leader, the Futurum Group. “By integrating unique DNS intelligence with AI-driven analytics, SOC Insights not only streamlines SecOps workflows but also sets a new industry benchmark for proactive threat detection and response, ensuring that security teams can stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.”