The importance of artificial intelligence to cybersecurity

The importance of artificial intelligence to cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) removes the human component of reacting to a cybersecurity threat.

Machine learning and pattern recognition, when combined with the mass amounts of data that can train artificial intelligence, which is located across the cyber landscape – and in particular the Internet of Things (IoT), even rudimentary AI models can appropriately respond to a cyber threat.

Artificial intelligence can learn what is the norm, and quickly identify activity outside of the norm, understanding through this what patterns need to be halted to ensure the norm can continue.

With AI advancing as it is, companies around the world are beginning to implement AI-learning into their cybersecurity solutions.

Darktrace is the creator of the world’s first AI-loop. An artificially enhanced cybersecurity solution that operates in four parts.

The AI loop begins by preventing threats, through learning the normal operations of a system.

Should any cyber threats slip through your cybersecurity systems, the AI loop is constantly monitoring servers and internal data, and has the means to detect malicious code which is being spread or harnessed within a system.

From here, Darktrace’s AI Loop can then quarantine and appropriately respond to the threat.

As a result of the AI understanding the systems it has gotten to learn, it has the ability to rebuild, healing the system and returning it into an operational status.

Find out more about Darktrace’s AI Loop and get up to date with how AI will change the cybersecurity marketplace.