IDIS launches AI video analytic server

IDIS launches AI video analytic server

IDIS has released a new NDAA-compliant AI in the Box featuring state-of-the-art analytical capabilities which will boost the efficiency of surveillance operations and take a proactive approach to safety and security for large-scale users.

The full specification of the new server is that of an enterprise-class, 64-channel video analysis server, with NVIDIA CUDA and a high-performance-accelerated platform. Impressively, it boasts an industry-leading accuracy rate of up to 98%.

The DV-3200 comes preconfigured with IDIS Solution Suite (ISS) VMS and IDIS Deep Learning Analytics. These allow for more reliable event detection and frees up operators from the burden of managing false alarm pop-ups triggered by minor harmless environmental factors. Without distraction or fatigue, security teams can appropriately respond to events that demand their attention, such as potential threats to businesses or personnel.

The artificial intelligence which is part of the AI in the Box server emboldens the capability of the hardware. It allows for object detection, line crossing, intrusion monitoring and loitering detection. These events are recorded, labelled and handled through IDIS Instant Meta Filtering, allowing rapid forensic post-event search by trigger, object, colour and number, across all video cameras set up within the network. No longer do teams spend hours sifting through footage, instead AI-powered automated searches isolate incidents within minutes.

Dennis Choi, General Manager, IDIS Middle East & Africa, said: “The DV-3200 is a game-changer for enterprise-size customers, allowing video streams to be automatically monitored more accurately and affordably than ever before.

“With advanced video analytics supporting security and policing teams, time critical activities such as alarm response and incident investigations will become more efficient and faster than previously possible.”

IDIS have in the past worked extensively on scalable AI and the benefits it can bring to compatible technologies.