IDCube launches AI-Platform Access360 in North America

Qualys Acquires Blue Hexagon’s AI/Machine Learning Platform. Credit: Pixabay

IDCube launches AI-Platform Access360 in North America

IDCUBE, the pioneer of AI-enabled Access Control solutions, proudly announces the North American launch of its platform which includes, Access360.helix and GreenID.

With a relentless commitment to transforming security in the MEA market, IDCUBE brings forth advancements that redefine Access Control and environmental responsibility.

IDCUBE’s pursuit of innovation has integrated artificial intelligence with access management. Access360 seamlessly analyses and adapts to user behaviour patterns that deliver customer-specific features such as workflows, reporting, dashboards, and widgets as well as integration with third-party applications. This technology reflects IDCUBE’s dedication to safeguarding businesses with the power of AI.

IDCUBE’s GreenID solution leverages mobile access and visitor management to reduce paper usage and minimize the carbon footprint associated with traditional identity verification methods. GreenID is more than a Mobile Access solution, it’s also an employee management tool with time tracking and remote work management that is verified with Geo tracking.

“IDCUBE is proud to unveil solutions that exemplify our dedication to security, innovation, and environmental stewardship,” said Gupta, who co-founded the company in 2005. “We believe that technology can reshape industries, and our AI-enabled access control and GreenID offerings exemplify this belief.”

The fully integrated AI-powered solution that enterprise-level businesses use to receive facility health scores, respond to real-time events and manage risks is now operational across the Americas and the majority of the world.