How can oil and gas companies enhance security

How can oil and gas companies enhance security

Hikvision has released several new security solutions solutions, designed to help oil and gas companies. In an official press release, the company describes how these new solutions fit into the new wave of technologies.

Hikvision’s AI-powered Solution for the Oil and gas Industry provides advanced technologies and products that empower your businesses and employees with unparalleled abilities to address every aspect of safeguarding and enhancing the oil and gas value chain. For larger areas that require high-level security protection, Hikvisions’s Oil & Fas solution enables users to keep track of critical infrastructure around the clock, due to the incorporation of the latest visual and thermal technologies. Security management is easier and clearer, even in low-level lighting environments.

The company’s solution is designed to identify, manage and mitigate current and hidden safety risks. Hikvision solutions are also designed to minimize impact on the environment through regulatory compliance.

Alongside these new solutions, Hikvision are presenting a unified dashboard approach, which presents data in an intuitive, visualized way, the dashboard equips operations teams with a bird’s eye view and multidimensional analytics, displaying on-going site operations in real time, with details information and data indexing, which aids decision making.

To learn more about the latest Hikvision Energy Solutions, visit the official HikVision website.

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