Smartwatch Access Control with HID solutions

Smartwatch Access Control with HID solutions

HID, the world’s leading provider of trusted identity solutions, recently announced it now offers companies the integration of employee badges into digital wallets, allowing for convenient, seamless access to the workplace.

The integration will allow employees to easily access all parts of an establishment, through the use of any smart technology synced with their digital wallets. Able to enter not only their workplace but also interact with a variety of corporate applications. All a business needs to utilize this form of authentication, is an NFC-enabled reader.

In addition to access control, there are several other applications for the digital employee ID card, including laptops and workstations, secure printing, special access to restricted areas, charging stations and even parking.

The mobile employee ID card offers companies several benefits at once. These include:

Enhanced Security

Frictionless Access Experience

Streamlined Security

Convenience and Uninterrupted Access

Protection on lost or stolen devices

Reduced Costs

Improved Efficiency

“With digital employee badges, companies are adapting to the usage habits of their employees,” says Gustavo Gassmann, HID Vice President of Emerging Markets, PACS.

“Mobile devices have become essential components of most people’s daily lives, not just for their useful features but also for the invaluable, convenient benefits they provide. And because people always have their devices with them, accessing places and moving around different parts of the building through them makes sense.”