Hanwha Vision announces 2024 major trends forecast

Hanwha Vision announces 2024 major trends forecast

In a recent press release, consisting of market analysis and forecast, Hanwha Vision has announced the 2024 forecast for major trends in the video surveillance industry.

With the world of video surveillance rapidly evolving, new technologies and cutting-edge innovations are being adopted by companies of all shapes and sizes. Video surveillance systems are no longer just image capture, now, they are an essential part of businesses from across several industries all over the globe.

Looking at the changes in the industry throughout 2023, Hanwha Vision has pointed out the embrace of AI technologies as a standard of operations, with widespread adoption across industries as the development of AI sped up over the years.

Hanwha Vision’s predictions for 2024

Hanwha Vision predicted that by 2024, AI implementation would accelerate to provide data insights beyond post-response and pre-detection, including for event/incident analysis, future forecasting and other applications.

Seuing in Noh, Head of AI Laboratories at Hanwha Vision said, “The industry is not only leveraging AI technology that accurately detects and distinguishes objects captured in security cameras, but also producing valuable insights for business through video data and AI-based analysis, and assessing the likelihood of specific events.”

“These data and AI-driven predictive analytics provide broad and immediate visibility into numerous potential outcomes and impacts on threats and business strategies.”

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