Hanwha Visions sustainable future with the SolidEDGE camera

Hanwha Visions sustainable future with the SolidEDGE camera

Solid State Drives are the future of data management and usage – already widespread in the majority of computing, Hanwha Visions innovates on the marketplace by bringing the SolidEDGE camera with an embedded server and solid state drive base.

One of the revolutionary features of the SolidEDGE camera is its serverless setup, which significantly reduces energy consumption and total cost of ownership. It eliminates the traditional need for separate servers in temperature-controlled data centers, which consume considerable amounts of electricity.

Hanwha Vision has integrated solid storage directly into the body of the SolidEDGE camera and pre-installed the Wisenet WAVE video management system, which can run on the edge. Additionally, the SolidEDGE camera can also connect to and record video from up to five additional guest cameras. This consolidation of functions not only provides impactful energy savings but also ensures that video data and recordings are captured without delay.

Hanwha Vision tackles the problem of unnecessary, large amounts of data through the incorporation of Edge AI, built into the SolidEdge camera.

By leveraging Edge AI, Hanwha Vision’s cameras can quickly control and transmit important metadata, reducing the operating load on the server and minimizing overall power consumption. This also eliminates common energy burdens caused by network overloads or storage overcapacity. Additionally, Hanwha Vision’s AI network video recorders (NVR) further enhance the efficiency of data analysis, enabling quick identification and retrieval of relevant information.

The SolidEDGE camera is also effective in low light due to AI-based imaging processing.

The SolidEDGE camera stands as the future of visual processing, through the use of AI-based technology, clear imagery and a commitment to the future of products with initiatives based around Smart Cities. FInd out more about Hanwha Visions goals for the future, and the capabilities of the SolidEDGE camera, today through the official site.