Google Cloud and Haboob Partner to produce Chronicle CyberShield

Google Cloud and Haboob Partner to produce Chronicle CyberShield

Haboob, a leading cybersecurity service provider owned by the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones (SAFCSP), has announced its partnership with Google Cloud to deliver Chronicle CyberShield to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to the official product description, “Chronicle CyberShield is a comprehensive solution that provides technology, processes, capabilities, and resources to deliver situational awareness of the cyber threat landscape.

It is uniquely designed for government entities to share threat information, help accelerate investigations and initiate a united response against persistent and ever-evolving threats proactively and rapidly.

Running on Google Cloud’s infrastructure, Chronicle CyberShield is capable of ingesting large amounts of data and conducting analytics within seconds. This can be a crucial factor when protecting one of the top 20 global economies and dealing with diverse data sources across various organisations and industries.”

The goal of the partnership, and the expansion of Chronicle CyberSheild, it to address the rising demand for cloud services in the Kingdom, which aligns with the Saudi governments Vision 2030 goals of digital transformation. With businesses and the government sector rapidly adopting a wide range of new technologies, the cyber threat landscape in Saudi Arabia has also undergone a rapid shift, and the nation’s cybersecurity preparedness continues to be a priority.

Stuart McKenzie, Managing Director EMEA, Mandiant Consulting, part of Google Cloud said: “As Saudi Arabia progresses toward its Vision 2030 plan, the demand for cybersecurity solutions continues to rise. Haboob is uniquely positioned to meet this need and to bring Chronicle CyberShield to the Kingdom. Their strong reputation, combined with Google Cloud’s advanced technology, threat intelligence and Mandiant consulting capabilities, will form the basis of a long-term partnership to help protect the nation against advanced cyber threats.”