GACA’s AMM initiative will revolutionise air transport safety

GACA’s AMM initiative will revolutionise air transport safety

The Advanced Air Mobility initiative developed by the Saudi Arabian General Authority of Civil Aviation has been revealed for safer air transport.

The AAM includes a range of innovations and solutions from unmanned aircraft to aircraft with vertical take-off and landing to be able to provide sustainable, faster and safer air travel for cargo and passengers.

To alleviate congestion on the roads and facilitate easy access to remote areas, the plan will help to revolutionise the movement of passengers, transportation of goods, emergency response, medical evacuation, and disaster relief.

Capt. Sulaiman Al-Muhaymedi, Executive Vice President of GACA for Aviation Safety and Environmental Sustainability, explained that the AAM initiative in Saudi Arabia the AAM is at the forefront of transforming the future of the transportation sector.

Al-Muhaymedi also indicated the roadmap will contribute to the Kingdom’s achievement of net zero carbon emissions by 2060.