‘Futuristic’ technologies at the World Police Summit

‘Futuristic’ technologies at the World Police Summit

AI brain scanning software, miniaturised cameras to fit in coffee cups, and surveillance software that can recognise faces up to a kilometre away, all these futuristic innovations and more were showcased at the World Police Summit in Dubai this year.

The event, which brought together multiple business leaders from the security and police industries, demonstrated the technical innovations that will be up for sale in the future for these sectors.

Technologies of note included facial recognition eyeglasses, a Segway with a rifle mount and drones that could be activated and controlled remotely. The rising use of these technologies signals that policing is headed towards an era based as much on software, data and code as it is on officers and physical weaponry.

Funding for projects such as this are coming from governments in Middle Eastern countries such as the UAE.

“Nowadays, the police force, they don’t think about the guns or weapons that they’re carrying,” said Major General Khalid Alrazooqi, the Dubai Police’s General Director of AI. “You’re looking for the tools, the technology.”

Alrazooqi went on to describe how the advancement of cameras and surveillance technologies were part of a year-long effort by the UAE to become a global leader in police technology. A goal which, based on the projects displayed at the World Police Summit, is well within reach.