From the editor: Our October issue is out now! 

From the editor: Our October issue is out now! 

The current pandemic is still dominating our lives and not surprisingly continues to dominate our magazine. Reducing opportunities for virus transmission is now a major priority for all businesses particularly those that are forward facing such as retail.

Video surveillance technology has for several years now realised its potential in the retail environment as a powerful business intelligence tool. Now built in analytics has several new health and and safety roles to perform including people counting, proximity detection and mask wearing.

Many security manufacturers are rolling out new features as part of their current video management systems to help end-users comply with the new normal – but it is still interesting to see how far these systems can go in terms of the types of information they can track and record. For example, alerts can include anything from smart lighting that can alert store managers to areas where there may be too many people, specialist apps are also being rolled out that reduce the amount of contact with surfaces to allow hand gestures to be recognised so that customers can provide feedback without spreading infections.

The challenge now for retailers is to find ways to encourage customers back to the malls and markets if the impact of the virus on our economic future is to be minimised. The challenge for the security industry is to help them achieve that.

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