Four cameras in one solution from Axis scoop top security award in Dubai

Four cameras in one solution from Axis scoop top security award in Dubai

Axis Communications’ latest innovation, AXIS P3717-PLE Network Camera was awarded the winner in the ‘Video Surveillance Camera of The Year Award’category at the first inaugural Intersec Awards in Dubai, UAE.

AXIS P3717-PLE aims to set a new bar for multidirectional cameras in terms of image quality with added IR Illumination. The compact 8-megapixel camera with its four varifocal lenses enables high-quality 360° overview and details in multiple directions – making it ideal for surveillance of wide areas, outer corners of buildings, and intersections of hallways or roads. With 360° IR illumination, Forensic WDR, Lightfinder and Zipstream, this camera delivers excellent image quality in all light conditions.

Ettiene Van Der Watt, regional manager – Middle East & Africa, Axis Communications, “Innovation has always been a key to our success. With the AXIS 3717-PLE, we have built an exceptional multidirectional camera with IR illumination. In comparison to the single sensor fisheye cameras, the multidirectional cameras do not spend resolution on irrelevant areas of suffer from optical distortion. It’s an honor for our team to receive such a prestigious award and the accolades from the industry, all of which are testimony to our commitment to innovation”

“With AXIS P3717-PLE, you get the benefits of four cameras, while paying for just one. That means there’s one camera to install, one cable to draw, and one IP address, one video management software (VMS) license and just one license for any analytics you choose to install. Plus, AXIS P3717-PLE offers remote zoom and focus for fast, accurate installation. And Axis Zipstream technology for savings of up to 50% on bandwidth and storage. The bottom line – AXIS P3717-PLE will save you money on both initial installation and long-term operations.

“It is ideal for applications requiring surveillance in multiple directions; for example, in large areas such as shopping malls, warehouses, and lobbies of hotels and offices, as well as at the intersection of hallways in areas such as schools, hospitals, hotels and offices. Outdoor applications include wide areas such as parking lots and the intersection of roads.

“The cameras, with an integrated weather shield, can be used in any outdoor or in indoor area, from shopping malls and warehouses to hallway intersections and outer corners of buildings. Furthermore, the four-in-one camera enables a lower overall cost for cabling and installation services and includes a redundancy system between the SD card and server should the connection with the server fail.

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