Focus on security for hybrid working

Focus on security for hybrid working

A new survey from Entrust has revealed the gap between the prioritisation of data security and training for employees.

In its newest data study, Securing the New Hybrid Workplace, Entrust surveyed 1,500 business leaders across 10 countries to gain an in-depth understanding of how managers are responding to the need for a hybrid workplace.

While 81% of leaders declared that their company had offered staff training on data security, only 61% of employees agreed that their company offers this type of training. Interestingly the majority (85%) cited Covid-19 as being the driving force behind data security training, highlighting that the pandemic may have actually helped advance organisations’ security.

The issue comes at a time when many organisations are making the move to a fully hybrid model: 80% of leaders and 75% of employees say they are either currently using a hybrid model or have plans to move from being fully remote to a hybrid model.

With this new working model, business leaders are looking to shore up their security practices: 51% have already rolled out one-time password technology, with 40% are using biometric authentication and 36% opting for mobile identity verification.

Entrust’s new survey comes just days after research from Citrix revealed the pressure IT teams within finance organisations are under to level up their security.

In the Middle East businesses are particularly open to remote working opportunities for staff and so require robust security protocols. Businesses in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates were named as the regions most likely to consider hiring talent based outside of their area – with 89% and 87% respectively.