Five new security trends in 2023

Five new security trends in 2023

A number of new technologies have come to the forefront of the industry marketplace in 2023. In this article, we’ll present a list of the top five new security trends of 2023.

All of these technologies stand powerful in their own right but also act as a stepping stone to greater change to come.

The first Security Trend: Smart AI and Machine Learning

AI models are training surveillance technology, access control security and more to recognize and remember individuals, scenarios, events and so on. Smart AI is slowly being incorporated into all aspects of daily life – furthering our progress towards the Smart Cities of the future.


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Data Centres

With incredible quantities of data being generated every second, Data Centres are required to hold all of this, managing content as it is uploaded to servers and successfully protecting businesses from bad data or threat actors.

Biometric Enhancements

Biometric technologies have improved, which is being incorporated into all aspects of access control. Facial recognition has advanced rapidly in 2023, with AI being able to not only recognize faces, but generate them in various states and emotions. Finger scanning and other biometric technologies are also now more affective, able to better identify individuals for locking, unlocking and similar access control capabilities, whilst keeping track of an individual’s movements through an establishment.

Behavioural Analytics Advancements

Many companies now operate with large-scale security networks which need to quickly analyse large datasets. This is made much easier by one security trend – the presence of behavioural analytics advancements. Human teams are no longer required to accurately assess movements in data and understand trends within cybercrime. As more businesses adopt policies which unify security policies and integrated systems, these behavioural analytic programs will become increasingly popular.

Cloud Computing

With the adoption of data centres, biometric data capture and more, there needs to be a highly functional safe place for all this data to be stored in a non-physical sense. To this end, one security trend in 2023, was the adoption of cloud computing advancements, which now see the cloud being an unstoppable advanced piece of technology.

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