etisalat by e& and Progress Security Systems Join Forces to Revolutionise Security Solutions

etisalat by e& and Progress Security Systems Join Forces to Revolutionise Security Solutions

etisalat by e& and Progress Security Systems are delighted to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that will reshape the landscape of security solutions. This strategic partnership aims to provide unmatched security services to etisalat by e&’s vast customer base.

Progress’s expertise in advanced security technologies is at the core of this collaboration, which, when combined with etisalat by e&’s robust network infrastructure, will pave the way for a new era of integrated security systems.

Redefining Security Solutions

This dynamic partnership will introduce various innovative security solutions seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology. Leveraging their expertise, Progress will offer installation and reselling services of Video Surveillance as a Service (VSAAS) solutions to etisalat by e& customers.

Organisations across the GCC region can now harness state-of-the-art security systems that blend reliability, scalability, and convenience. Businesses can enhance their security measures and effectively safeguard their valuable assets from small enterprises to large corporations.

Unmatched Expertise and Network Reach

The collaboration between Progress’s advanced security technologies and etisalat by e&’s expansive network infrastructure empowers this partnership with unrivalled expertise and reach. Leveraging etisalat by e&’s robust telecommunications network and extensive customer base, Progress can extend its innovative security solutions to a wider audience.

Tailored Security Solutions for Various Industries

Businesses across various industries can now benefit from comprehensive security solutions tailored to their unique needs. Whether enhancing physical security, implementing intelligent video analytics, or integrating access control systems, etisalat by e& and Progress will deliver unparalleled values.

Shaping the Future of Integrated Security Systems

etisalat by e& and Progress share a commitment to driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of security systems in the GCC region. Together, they will redefine industry standards and set new benchmarks for seamless integration, enhanced protection, and an unparalleled sense of security. Progress will lead by offering installation and reselling services of innovative VSAAS solutions to Etisalat by e&’s customers.

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