ESCO to produce ATG Access products for Asian market

ESCO to produce ATG Access products for Asian market

ATG Access has teamed up with Singapore baed ESCO Ptr Ltd to strengthen its position as a leading supplier of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions across Asia.

The three-year agreement will grant exclusive rights to ESCO to manufacture, supply, install and maintain ATG Access equipment.

ESCO has extensive experience in hostile vehicle mitigation, with one of its directors playing a key role in Singapore’s adoption of British security standards and measures more than ten years ago.

As a result of this work, Singapore has led the way in its commitment to hostile vehicle mitigation with other Asian countries following suit, making it one of the most  active security markets in the world.

ATG Access has already built a strong reputation as a trusted supplier of innovative physical security solutions in Asia over the past decade and was recently selected to provide the perimeter protection to 28 Electrical Substations  for Singapore Power.

Gavin Hepburn, managing director at ATG Access, commented: “This partnership marks a really important moment in our growth as a business. The Asian market has developed hugely in recent years, and we have worked on a number of exciting, high profile projects in the region.

“By working closely with ESCO, and drawing on the wealth of experience within the team, we will be able to increase our presence across Asia and develop stronger relationships with existing and potential clients.”

Sanjeev Bhat, director, Hostile Mitigation from ESCO Pte Ltd, commented: “Esco offers a robust suite of physical measures that helps organisations protect their infrastructure from hostile threats. The strategic partnership with ATG allows us to offer a comprehensive range of products for a much wider range of applications to a larger customer base.

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