Eagle Eye Networks introduces ‘Smart Video Search’

Eagle Eye Networks introduces ‘Smart Video Search’

Eagle Eye Networks, the global leader in cloud video surveillance and artificial intelligence (AI), has introduced Eagle Eye Smart Video Search. The new feature will allow all customers to make searching for video as fast and easy as searching the web.

The new feature is built into the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system), and the Smart Video Search allows customers to quickly search across all cameras and all locations and instantly find the exact video they’re looking for, and quickly share video clips.

Similar to a web search, customers type in descriptions such as “man with blue shirt”, “person with backpack”, or “white Toyota car”. Eagle Eye uses AI to index video in near real time, making the video searchable almost instantly, and delivering fast, accurate results. For example, if there’s a security incident in a parking garage, users can search and find within minutes the person who entered the parking facility in that region.

Business owners and security directors can use Smart Video Search to set up real-time alerts to notify them of important or problematic situations. Another important feature of Search is identification, including the ability to identify a person of interest and follow them across all cameras.

Key differentiators include:
● Available to all customers at no additional charge
● Works on any standard camera, with no additional hardware required
● Uses AI to enable faster search for forensic and real-time use

Eagle Eye Smart Video Search benefits:
● Saves time and resources when investigating an incident
● Provides real-time alerts
● Allows security and law enforcement to make informed decisions during critical incidents
● Provides data to simplify security, improve operations, customer services, logistics, and more
● Improves security and operations in retail, smart cities, smart parking, education, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, healthcare, anywhere you have security cameras

Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks, said: “With billions of security cameras deployed across the globe, the amount of video data is exploding, making it impractical to manually search security video for incidents, information or insight.

“Two decades ago, as the web was exploding into billions of documents, search engines transformed web pages into searchable
content and made them accessible to everyone. Similarly, Eagle Eye Networks Smart Video Search transforms video into searchable content and makes it available to everyone.”

Security professionals, such as Sierra Group, a leading systems integration firm based in Los Angeles with several Fortune 500 customers, are impressed with Eagle Eye’s new Smart Video Search.

Chris Jeske, Sierra Group Division Manager, said: “It is a game changer. With the ability to drill down into a pile of surveillance video to find specific people, objects, or vehicles, in seconds, versus hours, it’s going to benefit every dealer and end user immensely. It will benefit everyone immediately too, because Smart Video Search will work on every camera currently connected to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS.”