Dubai 2020 will set the standard for security says new security association

Dubai 2020 will set the standard for security says new security association

SPA for SIRA foresees the much-awaited Expo 2020 to set the trend for the region’s security systems and services. 

The industry is advancing towards technologies such as AI and machine learning applications, which will be used as part of the security protocols of Expo 2020,” said Eng. Khalid Al Hammadi, Chairman of SPA for SIRA, the first security professionals association in the Middle East’

“This is sure to create an array of job opportunities that will benefit individuals within the security sector, and SPA for SIRA will be there to act as a platform that bridges the gap between security professionals and regulators, as well as fosters a platform for knowledge exchange and development.”

SPA for SIRA was launching its services to the region at Intersec 2020. The first security association of its kind in the region aims to have over 50, 000 members by the end of the year. The initial launch of the organisation has welcomed more than 600 security professionals of all levels

“Participating in Intersec not only enables our members to interact with a global network of security experts, but broadens their opportunity to inform themselves of the latest security applications and trends within the industry. This event showcases the latest cutting edge innovations and technologies in one of the most important years for the UAE, which will support the safe and secure logistics of Expo 2020,” noted Al Hammadi.

The association also encouraged professionals in the security industry to register as a member and enjoy the benefits of a locally based professional security association, including women, who currently comprised only six per cent of the region’s security professionals. SPA for SIRA aims to encourage women to join the industry in all fields.

Adil Abdel-Hadi, Second Deputy Chairman of SPA for SIRA, commented: “Enhancing and developing the quality of security professionals is very important, which is why SPA for SIRA welcomes individuals from all levels of the security industry to connect, by creating and sustaining a learning environment that cultivates a collaborative, competitive and diverse security industry in the region.”

SPA for SIRA will collaborate with top security professionals across the globe to discover cutting-edge solutions, share insights with industry experts and equip its members with the right tools to effectively carry out their duties and tasks in the rapidly evolving security world. Members will enjoy information services, knowledge and professional development, excellence and innovation, and discounts and promotions.

Security professionals who are interested in becoming a member must meet certain requirements and be 21 years of age and above. The membership fee is AED500 and is valid for one year.  

SPA for SIRA’s stand at Intersec 2020 is located at Saeed Hall 2. Members who sign up between 19 and 21 January 2020 will receive 40% discount on their annual membership fee.

For more information about SPA for SIRA or to become a member, please visit