DLP and Data Classification as a service by vendor

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DLP and Data Classification as a service by vendor

One of the leading Risk Management vendors SearchInform launched a security service that enables solving such tasks as data loss prevention, data discovery and classification, access rights audit, regulatory compliance audit, user activity monitoring, forensics and investigation and much more. The

There is no such service on the market, which deals with all of the above-mentioned tasks in a single solution!

As the service provider, SearchInform protects the clients with the help of its security solutions (DLP, DCAP, Risk Management solution) and provides analytical experts who manage these solutions.

The company’s specialists implement and maintain the software, utilizing existing IT infrastructure in customer companies. The SearchInform specialists can then set up security policies for effective monitoring and help customers fine-tune the software.

The analyst working with the software constantly monitors the situation, detects incidents and investigates them if necessary. The analyst provides the customers with detailed reports and also notifies them urgently in case of an emergency to prevent an incident. Protective solutions can be deployed in the cloud, such as through Microsoft Azure.

Whilst using the service, the customer isn’t risking any credentials or sensitive information. Alongside this, the security service is available for one month free of charge, allowing users to test the software and find out whether it is suitable for their infrastructure.

Find out more from SearchInform from their official site.