Delinea’s acquisition of Authomize aims to boost protection against identity-based attacks

Delinea’s acquisition of Authomize aims to boost protection against identity-based attacks

Delinea has announced its acquisition of Authomize to expand its role and provide a strong defence against identity-based attacks.

A June 2022 report by the Identity Defined Security Alliance found that 84% of organisations experienced an identity-related breach over the previous year, with 96% stating they could have prevented or minimised the breach by implementing identity-focused outcomes.

As organisations are unable to predict these threats, both companies plan to integrate their unique solutions, ITDR and CIEM with the Delinea Platform to address modern PAM requirements.

Dotan Bar Noy, CEO of Authomize said: “Joining Delinea is a thrilling continuation of our journey of innovation and Authomize’s commitment to detect and eliminate identity-based risks across the cloud.”

CIEM enables enterprises to extend least privilege controls into their cloud environments by continuously monitoring access privileges, usage changes, and connections between cloud services, SaaS applications, and IAM solutions.

Adding Authomize ITDR will increase protection against threats across all identities by detecting abuse and responding to attacks.

On the Delinea Platform, the enhanced capabilities will identify and address issues such as stale accounts, over-privileged identities, and privilege escalation paths, significantly bolstering cloud security by proactively detecting and mitigating threats while maintaining operational continuity. This approach will most effectively safeguard assets and data while reducing risk, all without introducing complexity.

Art Gilliland, CEO at Delinea said: “The combination of Delinea and Authomize gives customers the power to detect and mitigate active identity threats across SaaS applications, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure.

“The extension of human and non-human identities beyond the traditional firewall require continuous visibility into all SaaS applications, their connections to each other, and across hybrid environments. I’m very excited to bring the Authomize team into Delinea, which greatly extends the reach and expands the role of the Delinea Platform to help organizations of all sizes reduce identity-related risk.“

Phil Calvin, Chief Product Officer at Delinea said: “This marks an exciting milestone in our mission to greatly enhance identification and mitigation of identity-based risks.

“Our joint technologies will harness continuous monitoring and deliver adaptive and broad privilege controls, all within a consolidated cloud-native platform, ensuring awareness and response to protect identities and data.”