Cloudflare’s DDoS Report from Q3

Cloudflare’s DDoS Report from Q3

Cloudlfare Inc continues in its goal to build a better digital landscape through its 2023 Q3 DDoS report, which features a number of insights and trends regarding the DDoS threat landscape – as observed through the global Cloudflare network.

The Cloudflare network is one of the largest in the world, spanning more than 300 cities in over 100 countries, seeing over 64 million HTTP requests per second at peak and about 2.3 billion DNS queries every day. Using this mass of information, Cloudflare has a unique vantage point which is unshared by other industry members, able to understand the threat landscape in a constantly updating light. Cloudflare presents this perspective in quarterly reports, having recently released the third quarterly report of 2023, with some notable facts and figures worth pointing out.

In Q3 2023, Cloudflare found thousands of hyper-volumetric GTTP DDoS attacks, with over 89 attacks exceeding 100 million requests per second, and the peak of this activity is 201 million requests per second, a figure three times higher than the previous largest attack on record, demonstrating the worrying evolution of DDoS attacks and their capabilities.

The report also noted an overall increase of 65% in HTTP DDoS attack traffic in Q3, compared to Quarter 2.

Gaming and Gambling companies were consistently bombarded with the largest volume of GTTP DDoS attack traffic, overtaking the Cryptocurrency industry, which was the main target in the previous quarter. This may be due to time non-operational being incredibly determinantal to immediate incoming costs for these services, which are expected by audience members, consumers and customers to be always available.

With DDoS attacks continuing to rise, companies such as CloudFlare must prove ever vigilant.