Data Protection in Entertainment Cities

Data Protection in Entertainment Cities

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia looks toward the Saudi Vision 2030 as a means of weaning away from the Oil Economy that has long since defined the Kingdom, and instead repositioning it as a tourism haven. Part of this is the inclusion of a number of idyllic entertainment cities, bringing together individuals of all natures from around the world to relax, unwind and do so in a safe, secure manner.

With people living in an area such as this, and spending large amounts of money on a large number of transactions, there must be secure data protection place built into these entertainment cities.

Recently, the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, announced its incorporation of Veza, Veza enables the organization of modernised identity access governance and adheres to the principle of Least Privilege across the enterprise.

This is, in many ways, the incorporation of smart technology, elevating Las Vegas from a simple entertainment destination into a silhouette of a smart city.

Smart Cities are something which will become prevalent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Digital Transformation and a hybrid-cloud environment will allow for better interconnectivity between services and businesses and consumers alike.

Veza, and access control software like it, will become ever more relevant as cities convert to the smart city model. A person’s identity will be more secure, to ensure biometrics data, or other kinds of data, cannot be effectively cloned.

The Middle East will continue to be targeted by threat actors, as will the rest of the world, demanding a response from data centers and cyber security infrastructure such as Veza.