Darktrace’s AI loop: HEAL


Darktrace’s AI loop: HEAL

Darktrace’s innovative cybersecurity solutions continue to evolve, with the introduction of HEAL.

The three parts of Darktrace’s AI Loop which were fully operational, PREVENT, DETECT and RESPOND have already been covered in previous articles at Security Middle East, however, a quick breakdown of their functionality can be found below:

PREVENT – Proactively builds on existing defences, emulating attacks to test vulnerabilities and utilizing AI to secure assets, no matter where they are used or their level of corruption.

DETECT – An always-on, always-evolving monitor, that understands your business to understand your business’s threats. Helping you detect attackers and avoid disruption.

RESPOND – Stops attacks wherever they occur, the ‘security’ part of the loop, contains and disarming threats autonomously, ensuring peace of mind.

The newest iteration of Darktrace’s AI loop includes a HEAL module. If somehow, an attack manages to deal damage despite all of the above routines running in your cybersecurity defences, the HEAL module will develop readiness reports for another attack, quickly recover you to a functioning state and develop an incident report so you can understand what has happened in your business.

Attack simulations and the easy-to-understand timelined reports developed by the HEAL module are designed to ensure that you can recover quickly and will never fall victim to the same type of attack twice.

Find out more about the HEAL module, and the multiple parts of Darktrace’s AI Loop, through the websites official site: https://darktrace.com/