Cybercriminals use fake apps to fraud audiences

Cybercriminals use fake apps to fraud audiences

Cybercriminals continue to refine their methods, with more malicious apps finding their way to the app store in the UAE, leaving users at risk.

Following global trends, businesses in the UAE are becoming more and more digitised. According to a recent study from AppsFlyer, 9 out of 10 businesses in the UAE offer dedicated mobile apps to their customers. However, in the first three quarters of 2023, there was a 32% increase in fake applications which were impersonating popular services available in application stores.

Since App and Google Stores do not allow users to control the appearance of fake apps on their platforms many of UAE users can become a victim of fraud.

To mitigate risks, awareness needs to centre stage for UAE app users. Many of those who use apps on the app store do not understand the permissions they are giving an application when they press the button to download it. By installing these malicious applications, they are given all of the power they need to automate purchases on your behalf.

A user may believe they are installing an application to track the weather, however are instead opening up vulnerabilities in their livelihood and allowing fake apps to steal thousands from them.

Security Middle East urges users to stay aware, to check customer reviews and data certificates of websites and products before accepting any downloads.