Costar Technologies announces acquisition by IDIS

Costar Technologies announces acquisition by IDIS

Costar Technologies announced its successful acquisition by IDIS, which promises to bring enhanced product offerings, greater financial stability, and an expanded global footprint to better serve customers.

Scott Switzer, Chief Executive Officer of Costar Technologies said: “By uniting with IDIS, we are embracing a ‘Better Together’ philosophy that amplifies our shared core values and individual strengths, paving the way for a stronger security foundation.”

Costar and IDIS have been partners for over 20 years, deploying hundreds of thousands of devices across diverse applications and jointly creating customized solutions tailored to specific industry needs. The combined resources of the companies provide financial stability and a global footprint, ensuring long-term sustainability.

This merger introduces customers to a wider and more comprehensive range of product options, enhancing the existing portfolios with a broader selection of solutions under the combined brand. With nearly 200 research and development professionals specializing in security technology, the new company can harness the expertise of a larger R&D team to drive innovation and technological advancements.

Customers who have invested in Costar products and services can be assured that these investments will yield long-term benefits. Costar and IDIS customers can expect greater support, as the company doubles the size of the current sales force, enabling more comprehensive sales support and allowing for a deeper focus on specific vertical markets.

Together, Costar and IDIS will continue to deliver advanced electronic security solutions that prioritize innovation, performance, and reliability. Their commitment to providing world-class customer service ensures that customers will receive ongoing support and assistance to maximize the value of their investments.