Complex technologies lead to increased attack surface area – Sicurezza panel findings

Complex technologies lead to increased attack surface area – Sicurezza panel findings

“Businesses are adopting increasingly complex technologies,” commented Greta Nasi, Director of Cyber Risk Strategy at the Bocconi University and Polytechnic, in a panel at Sicurezza 2023 which discussed how new business practices are opening up attack surface for threat actors.

Nasi continued: “The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and artificial intelligence. These new technologies offer many benefits but also increase the attack surface and complexity of security management.”

Threat actors have more angles to attack than ever. They can spoil data that is being fed to learning models, attack individuals with fraudulent schemes, corrupt the cloud with their technologies and more. As businesses continue to upgrade their capacities, they must be aware of these angles and the way threat actors will abuse new technologies.

Just as businesses now have access to AI and the new wave of technologies, so do hackers.

“Attacks have become more sophisticated and determined in pursuing their objectives. The increase in ransomware, phishing and other threats, more oriented towards directly attacking hardware, has put companies’ security to the test, also because the cost of access to cybercrime tools has fallen”.

As technical innovation continues to adapt, companies must evolve with the times, because hackers WILL use these tools – and if the hackers have newer equipment than their target, they will more than likely succeed.

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