Comm Port celebrates 25 years of field-proven UVSS/UVIS at Intersec 2023

Comm Port celebrates 25 years of field-proven UVSS/UVIS at Intersec 2023

Comm Port Technologies will be attending Intersec in Dubai next week, where it will showcase the expertise it has built up after 25 years of designing and manufacturing specialised security vehicle inspection systems.

Comm Port Technologies’ staff will be on stand S3-A12 at Intersec and ready to demonstrate the enhanced features of its full line-up of UVSS.

Its advanced UVSS image scanning aims to eliminate bottlenecks at ports, borders, airports and other high-volume vehicle inspection locations.

The Comm Port CPAS series uses colour area scanning technology to effectively scan and inspect the undercarriage of vehicles for real-time search and analysis of images for explosive devices, suspicious objects or contraband – such as drugs, weapons or explosives (IED). With CPAS the security analyst can view in real-time and full colour, the entire length of any vehicle.

CPAS is designed to withstand harsh environments, rugged terrain, and extreme temperatures while the system cameras and light sources are encased in a sturdy weather-proof house.

Comm Port’s most popular UVSS system, FLEX, is a ramp-style UVSS that includes modular components which can be customised to fit compact or ultra-wide vehicle widths. With hundreds of installations world-wide, the FLEX series now integrates advanced metal which allows the system to withstand up to 78 tonnes from stationary or mobile vehicles. Steel ramp and shoulder sections can be added to expand over multiple lanes. Additionally, the ramps can be permanently mounted or can be utilised as a portable system.

The FLEX-HH-300, a handheld under vehicle surveillance camera kit, is designed as a lightweight, low-power, portable system for simple setup and operations. The kit is perfect for perimeter security, observation posts, dead space monitoring, patrol line monitoring, border crossings, vehicle entry points or tactical operations entry points for military bases and other remote areas where threat detection and management are required.